Balanced classroom & distance learning for the 21st century

Built for the classroom.

Our elementary math curriculum is adaptive and competency-based, with every student working at their own pace. Individual work is bolstered by integrated whole class activities and pencil-and-paper group challenges. Teachers use real-time data about student progress to inform intervention and enrichment, giving each student the support and runway they need.

High quality at a distance.

As schools move to adapt to distance learning, teachers can use the same tools that make Levered so effective in the classroom. Students continue to move ahead in their core, standards-based curriculum with real-time teacher support informed by detailed usage and progress data.

Time for everyone.

Teachers have real-time assessment data about where their students are struggling and information on what Common Core standard they are struggling with. While students work independently, teachers can help individual students or pull small groups based on their needs at that moment.

Levered is Core Curriculum

fully integrated to create next-level blended learning

True standards alignment

We map every standard to specific activities, and offer multiple question types throughout the curriculum. Real-time assessment data informs the teacher with the exact standards students are struggling with

Differentiation made easy

Our competency-based online curriculum allows students to work at their own pace and level. Lessons provide context-rich, real world content that works toward abstraction as students begin to master concepts. Students must reach a level of competency before moving on to the next topic, with fine-tuning management for the teacher.

Support & runway for success

Intervention and enrichment are built in to the platform, making it easy to support the full range of learners in your classroom on a daily basis. Students have access to a word wall vocabulary at all times for extra support and enrichment activities go deeper into lesson topics instead of simply moving students ahead.

Learning together

Daily class opener activities and integrated pencil and paper group challenges make it easy to give your students daily opportunities to develop their academic vocabulary, teamwork and higher-order thinking skills.

Extra support

Resource Specialist Program teachers have their own accounts with all Levered students on their caseload, providing access to detailed assessment and progress data, and allowing virtual "pullout" sessions to provide targeted 1-to-1 and small group intervention.

Backed by Research

Levered aims to engage and excite the diversity of learners in student-centered classrooms by applying best practices from the Learning Sciences.

Rising to Meet Distance Learning

Real-time actionable data

Our teacher dashboard functions like a grade book that fills itself in. As students engage in their individual work at home, daily progress and usage data allows you to directly support students when combined with video conferencing tools.

teacher video conferencing

Success in remote learning

Schools using Levered were able to transition to home-based use in the first week of closures, and we are seeing daily participation rates exceeding 70% and students working on their individualized curriculum for over 30 minutes per day in those classrooms.

teacher check in

Teaching from a distance

Teachers are given questions scaffolded to provide effective instruction with features like a built-in drawing layer. Engage with your students individually or in small groups at a distance, share your screen and work through problems you know your students are struggling with.

remote learning white board