Math Talks

An Explanation of How to Use This Feature for Small Group and Whole Class Instruction

Math Talks are sometimes referred to as Class Openers, but they can be used at the beginning, middle, or end of a class.  They are used to facilitate instruction for a small group or the whole class.  It’s best to choose a Math Talk directly from a target area in the sidebar, which is located on the right in Progress View.  Look in the Target Areas of the sidebar and click on a standard to see Related Class Openers.  Next, click on one of the options and a Math Talk will open. 

Note that you can click the padlock icon in order lock the screens of the students in one particular target area.  You would do this if you wanted to stop that group of students from doing individual work and immediately pull them aside for small group instruction.

Below is a typical Math Talk with annotation at the bottom explaining some of the features.  When using a Math Talk,  clicking New Question causes another version of the same problem to appear.  You can see a higher resolution image by clicking on the picture.

You may want to pull the small group indicated in the Target Area  or teach to the entire class.  Either way,  you should display the Math Talk so the group or class can see it and then have the students discuss the questions on the left.  (A think-pair-share model is often the best way to use these discussion questions.)  After the discussion, have one or more students model their solution.  You can repeat the process with new numbers or answer choices by clicking New Question.