Course Overviews (with Unit Priority Guidelines)

Documents That Help You Decide When to Move to The Next Level

Since Levered is a competency-based program, we avoid date-based pacing. Instead, we offer recommendations about when to finish a unit based on the percentage of students that have completed lessons in the Foundation and Critical categories in combination with the priority level (high, medium, or low) of the unit.

Below are the Course Overviews, which include the priority levels for each unit, and a description of how to use the percent completion for the Foundation and Critical categories of lessons to help you decide when to move on to a new unit.  You can keep the appropriate guide on your computer or print it for easy reference.

Download the 3rd Grade Course Overview

Download the 4th Grade Course Overview

Download the 5th Grade Course Overview

    We recommend trying to keep your students on one unit at a time, and then moving on to the next unit as a whole class. If you have early finishers, you can assign them to the supplements or reach out to us to discuss enrichment options.

    Please note that the idea of unit priority levels isn't meant to suggest that some units should be skipped.  On the contrary, the program is designed under the assumption that students will work through each unit in the provided sequence, as many of the concepts in later units build upon those in earlier units.  The unit priority levels are primarily intended to help teachers decide when it's appropriate to consider a unit completed, and move your students on to the next one.  When you make the decision to move to the next unit, you can advance all your students at the same time using the Move All  button. Here is an explanation of how to use that button.